We offer traditional and seasonal dishes from Grandma Štefanija’s old recipes. All the ingredients have been carefully chosen from the surrounding nature, and the food reflects the area’s Mediterranean way of cooking.

Once upon a time my grandparents lived where Villa Štefanija is located today. My grandma baked bread every morning and grandpa hunted and gathered mushrooms, asparagus and pot herbs. In that period, the kitchen was the most important part of the house and every day there was something new and particular on the table to eat. Grandpa was always sprinkling crumbs of pot herbs on fish, meat, and soups. This is exactly the feeling that we want to convey you and all our guests.

Everything that we prepare is healthy and has been cooked with lots of love and care. Some call this slow food; we call it the cuisine of grandma Štefanija.

Villa Štefanija’s restaurant is open also for outside guests.

Summer: every day from 6 PM 11 PM (reservations needed)
Winter: weekends from 2 PM to 9 PM winter time